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# External Website of StuStaNet e. V.
## Development
The website generated from the sources in this repository using [Hugo]( To preview the results of your changes, [install Hugo locally](
### Workflow
1. [Fork this repository](
2. Clone your repository locally: `cd` into the parent directory of where the files should be saved, then run `git clone<your username>/stustanet-website.git` (Or use your favorite Git GUI). Afterwards `cd stustanet-website`.
3. Hugo can generate a live-preview of your changes. Run `hugo -v -w server` in the directory of the cloned repository.
4. Make and commit your changes
5. Push your changes to your fork on Gitlab (`git push`).
6. [Create a merge request](
## Board
Data in `data/Vorstand.toml`,
### Notes
## Notes
The stock photo for the wifi was taken from [](
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