Commit e8e7cc27 authored by TechnoElf's avatar TechnoElf
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Gas Gas Gas

parent 6ac7bad6
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ use embedded_graphics::pixelcolor::Rgb565;
use embedded_graphics::draw_target::DrawTarget;
fn main() {
let spi_bus = Spi::new(Bus::Spi0, SlaveSelect::Ss0, 1000, Mode::Mode0).unwrap();
let spi_bus = Spi::new(Bus::Spi0, SlaveSelect::Ss0, 5000000, Mode::Mode0).unwrap();
let dc = Gpio::new().unwrap().get(12).unwrap().into_output();
let rst = Gpio::new().unwrap().get(13).unwrap().into_output();
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