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## History
{{< figure src="/figures/servers_2004.jpg" class="right" title="Our server room in 2004" >}}
Born as a student initiative, StuStaNet created its own network infrastructure in 1996 and operated it until 1999. In November 1999 StuStaNet replaced, jointly with the [Munich student union](, the aging network piece by piece in order to create a fully switched LAN. In 1997 it was linked up with the Munich scientific network operated by the [LRZ](
Initially, the Internet connection was a simple 64kBit connection, later a 768kBit connection over SDSL, and since mid-1999 an optical fiber connection. This fiber connection initially operated with 10 MBit/s. In December 2000 this was upgraded to 100 MBit/s, in July 2007 to 1 GBit/s, in December 2012 to 2 GBit/s, in June 2017 to 4 GBit/s, and since October 2018 a 6 GBit/s connection.
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