Commit 1bcf6681 authored by adolfintel's avatar adolfintel
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Added quirk for PS4 browser

parent 1ecadbdf
......@@ -147,6 +147,10 @@ this.addEventListener("message", function(e) {
//Edge 15 introduced a bug that causes onprogress events to not get fired, we have to use the "small chunks" workaround that reduces accuracy
settings.forceIE11Workaround = true;
if (/PlayStation 4.(\d+\.\d+)/i.test(ua)) {
//PS4 browser has the same bug as IE11/Edge
settings.forceIE11Workaround = true;
if (/Chrome.(\d+)/i.test(ua) && /Android|iPhone|iPad|iPod|Windows Phone/i.test(ua)) {
//cheap af
//Chrome mobile introduced a limitation somewhere around version 65, we have to limit XHR upload size to 4 megabytes
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